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Your business relies on data and if it fails you need help fast. Backups are your first line of defense but sometimes even backups fail or the backup data itself is corrupted.

For most Accpac database repairs we use FixIT™ Professional software ( trademark of Musick International, Inc.) but for special situations "data surgery" is required.

We use a variety of tools to diagnose the issue, determine the faulty records and find the best way to repair your data.

Some examples of data problems we solved through data repair are:

Issue description Error message / description
File Import Attempt to modify a different record than was retrieved
Accpac Finder is case sensitive after upgrade Accpac Finder is case sensitive after upgrade
Increase number of decimals in optional field set up and values across tables Optional field was created and used with 2 decimals and needs to increase to 4
Order Posting failed You cannot have an inventory of non-stock items.
Accpac Day End error Account set cannot be found
Bank Reconciliation Posting Failed Requested receipt was cleared previously
Day End does not complete Shipment Cost-To-Clear. Record already exists
Job Cost revenue recognition posting fails. Budget Header. Record already exists
Day End failing Item xxxxxxx does not exists

Bank Reconciliation posting

Data Error. Check <null> for bank <null> was not found in Payroll.
Day End failing Currency code discrepancy
Calculating Payroll fails Check Run. An error has occurred during the processing of calculate payroll. The error returned was 1.
Order Entry Shipment Posting Posting Failed. You must enter the shipment again.
AP Posting failed Internal Error. obsInsert failed
Bank posting and/or check reversal fails Check xxxx was previously reversed
Day End was not completed PO Receipt corrupted
Data conversion failing Cost Class cannot be blank

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Accpac data repair.

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