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Accpac custom Crystal reports and macros

Customization of the month: Inventory Levels Monitor

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By using custom Sage ERP Accpac optional fields set up, Visual Basic macros and tailored Crystal reports we can design a solution to meet your unique requirements. We can make Accpac do what you want it to do!

Sage ERP Accpac macros can help you complete your work more quickly and efficiently. Macros are often used to automate repetitive tasks but they can also be used to perform more complex tasks such as reading files in different formats , search a database, compare data or extract data for use in other programs.

Here are a few of Accpac custom solutions designed to enhance and complete our customers' Sage ERP Accpac systems

General Ledger:

  • Import routine to create Sage Accpac GL transactions from external data source
  • VBA macro that extracts Sage Accpac GL transaction and prepares a file importable into Jonas accounting software. Macro also maintains a mapping file where Sage Accpac GL accounts are mapped to accounts in the Jonas system
  • Macro to extract data from on company's GL and redistribute amounts to multiple databases based on original transactions account department segment and predetermines percentages.
  • Utility to convert Simply Accounting GL history (detailed transactions) from multiple fiscal years to Sage ERP Accpac
  • Macro to delete Accounts Budgets when switching from Sage ERP Accpac 500 (five budget sets) to Sage Accpac ERP 200( one budget set)
  • Data modification to change Sage Accpac fiscal year end and transfer GL transactions from the old fiscal year to new fiscal year.
  • Custom utility to print financial statements spanning multiple fiscal years.
  • Excel utility to consolidate Sage Accpac Financial Statements data by grouping accounts as per industry specific requirements.

Accounts Receivable:

  • Macro to clean up the AR database by applying unapplied documents for customer with zero account balances but open documents (umaaplied debits and credits)

  • Custom AR Invoice specification that includes current statement of account

  • Undo Recurring charges utility for Accounst Receivable

  • Utility regarding Revenue Recognition calculation for contract based services

  • Macro to unapply Order Entry credit notes and debit notes from invoices to avoid timing issues between accounting systems

  • Top N customers report based on net of tax sales

  • Macro to automate sending of bulk emails regaring overdue invoices notification

  • AR Sales report - comparative numbers for four consecutive years

  • Macro to auto-create credit note details in Accounts Receivable based on original invoice

  • Customer Contract set up using Accounts Receivable module

  • "Recurring Charge Replica" -macro to copy existing AR recurring charge into a new recurring charge

  • "Undo AR Statement" utility

  • "AR Invoice Replica" : Accounts receivable based macro to copy existing document (invoice, credit , debit note) into a new document for the same or different customer

  • Utility to remove selected items from an AR Invoice Batch (large number of invoice , high number of details) and re-set the taxes for special situations (taxes were entered and not calculated)

  • Custom AR Customers screen; on changing the status of customers to "ON HOLD" all outstanding orders are put on hold as well and a list of the orders is printed, on removal of the hold orders are released

  • Modified AR Invoice entry screen that checks for duplicate info in the customer PO entry screen

  • Custom utility to update Accpac Recurring Charges (large number) with new items entered in Excel spreadsheet

  • Procedure/macro to enable AR customers with outstanding transactions to be attached to National Accounts before the transactions are fully paid.

  • VBA macro to import AR customers and invoices from ASCII files into Sage ERP Accpac. Macro generates a log file to report any issues encountered, file names and type of import, number of customers/invoices imported etc.

  • Utility to create "subsidiaries" under one customer, print the respective subsidiary on the invoices and report sales by date range, customer, subsidiary.

  • Custom utility to enter special occasional charges for customers, store them in an ACCESS database and import the charges in Accpac adding them to recurring invoices.

  • Custom AR Statement form re: customer running balances
    AR custom utility for emailing invoices (multiple email addresses, additional documents etc.)

  • Macro to automate update of customer territory field based on state-territory map


Accounts Payable:

  • Customized AP Invoice entry screen to automatically calculate exchange rate based on vendor and home currency amounts

  • AP vendor reminders utility

  • Modified AP invoice entry screen that shows calculated functional currency amounts for invoices

  • Credit card statement importing (VISA, AMEX)

  • VBA macro to import AP vendors and invoices from ASCII files into Sage ERP Accpac. Macro generates a log file to report any issues encountered, file names and type of import, number of vendors/invoices imported etc.

  • Combination of macro and special AP/PO Optional Fields set up to automatically calculate arrival date based on special info provided by the vendor.

  • Macro using Excel spreadsheet that creates prepayment batch in Accpac and EFT file for the bank.

  • Custom AR invoice entry screen. For each invoice created it generates a corresponding AP invoice for a selected vendor.
    Macro to bring optional field into the main details grid in Sage Accpac Accounts Payable

  • Accpac AP Write-off utility (similar to AR periodic processing/Create write off batch) - compatible with multicurrency databases.

  • Customized screen for mass viewing and editing of data in columnar format eliminating the need to export / import data to Excel.

  • Macro to email notification letters to vendors with payments processed through EFT Direct Payables

  • Macro to print notification letters to vendors to charge your credit card

  • Macro to track "quick ship" orders and print reports

  • Accpac TD bank positive pay utility compatible with AP payments, AR refunds and Canadian Payroll (other bank formats on request)

  • Macro to send EFT payment notifications by email

  • Accpac Scotiabank Positive Pay - Payee Match Utility

Canadian Payroll:

  • Macro to email payroll stubs to employees and file virtual copies in PDF format
  • Utility to import timecards
  • Macro to report rates and wages over a set limit before processing the payroll

Order Entry / Inventory Control:

  • Modified order copy screen with additional parameters
  • Inventory Levels Monitor; utility that searches you inventory by category / item / manufacturer item number to get live information by location re: availability/future availability , in transit POs, open orders, pricing, kit availability etc. Give your customers and contacts fast and accurate info regarding the items they are interested in.
  • Macro to inactivate inventory items that have not been bought/sold in a long period of time in bulk
  • macro to import and approve orders (override customer#, item#, price etc)
  • Custom macro to report inventory valuation, reorder quantities and sales by location
  • Custom invoice specification showing sumarized info when the invoice covers multiple shipments
  • Set up and macro regarding implementing recurring charges on Accpac Order Entry
  • Day End delay macro ( run Accpac day end after hours)
  • Macro to invoice all outstanding shipment for selected customer and print invoices consolidated by item
  • Sage ERP Accpac Order Entry Sales Analysis report featuring data for three years of history - includes margin analysis and top 10 items per quarter
  • Accpac OE detail line control utility (control upper/lower limit prices, category codes etc. on posting orders)
    Custom macro to recalculate taxes for shipments sent to various Canadian provinces
  • Macro to increase Serialized Inventory - Serial Number field length in IC set up
  • Accpac Order Entry utility to calculate/track Electronics Recycling Fees (Alberta and Ontario)
  • Item Availability utility for Accpac Inventory Control includes available quantities and shippable orders info)
  • Utility to calculate "earned commission" based on Order Entry calculated commissions and payments applied to invoices
  • Utility to track/pay Air Miles (points) based on order total
  • Macro to create/email invoice copies from the order entry screen and attach additional documents
  • Macro to report missing orders based on a range entered by the user
  • Set up of Optional Fields to allow tracking of marketing campaigns in Sage Accpac Order Entry
  • Combination of optional fields set up and macro to replace "Allow Partial Shipments" (of details) default feature with "Allow Partial Shipment of Order".
  • Import utility for counted inventory quantities (bar scanned) in the inventory worksheets
  • Optional Fields set up and macro utility to calculate and charge the EEE Stewardship fees.
  • Utility to email copies of selected invoices (multiple invoices) to the customer's email address. The invoices are emailed as single PDF document.
  • Sage ERP Accpac Order Release - utility for releasing orders based on inventory availability and order / customer priority status (prioritize Accpac orders)
  • Modification of Physical Inventory Quantities screen to show consolidated quantities (all locations) per company and remove inactive items from worksheet
  • Utility (macro/reports) to print custom order analysis reports (items ordered in a date range, sorted/grouped by a variety of criteria
  • Custom set up and forms revisions to automatically add to the order a fuel surcharge calculated as a percentage of the order's subtotal
  • Custom macro/reports to print comparative sales for current year/previous year for a range of customers and items
  • Custom Optional Fields set up / macro / report to reflect a specific warehouse layout and print the place the item is located in on the order confirmation/packing slip
  • Screen customization to introduce additional credit checks when creating shipments in Order Entry (customer status, terms etc)
  • Macro and optional fields set up to allow using an unlimited number of email addresses per customer and select the appropriate email address to send a confirmation email at the time of creating the shipment
  • Macro/Optional Fields set up to extract shipment information from Accpac and prepare it into a format compatible with Canada Post's requirements
  • Macro containing modified Order Entry screen re: warning on duplicate customer PO Number
  • Custom Item wizard that permits data entry re: item creation, location details and contract pricing, etc.
  • Screen/Macro to instantly quote a price to a client based on the client's price list and quantity discounts
  • VBA macro that creates multiple Purchase Orders from a specified Order, based on optional fields values.
  • VBA macro to import Orders in Accpac Order Entry from Excel spreadsheet.
  • Modified Order Entry screen to print multiple confirmation copies and attached documentation when order is posted
  • VBA macro using a modified Sage Accpac screen to instantly quote item prices based on specific customer types
  • VBA macro and custom Crystal form(s) re: Order Entry free typing tool to allow entering and printing of item descriptions/comments with the size limited only by the page size;  control line breaks, empty lines etc.
  • Custom OE statistics reports re: top customers by number of orders, total sales, item variety

Purchase Order:

  • Purchase Orders and Receipts Import (including serial numbers) from text or Excel files
  • Customized PO screen to print multiple copies of PO form and attached documentation as per client requirements
  • Purchase order report re: items expected to arrive custom grouped: tommorrow, day after, next week etc.



Project and Job Costing:

  • Macro to complete/close contracts based on Excel spreadsheet without user intervention; log file reports contracts/phases that could not be closed and reason
  • Macro to extract "snapshot information" regarding revenue recognition in Job Cost module and upload it into ACCESS database for future comparison re: previous day, previous year etc.
  • VBA macro that imports a text file into Job Cost timecards; before importing the macro generates a log file reporting all issues that must be solved by the user before the import will be completed
  • VBA macro for importing Contracts in Sage Accpac Project and Job Costing modules based on existing templates
  • Macro to stop creation of jobs and posting of materials for customers on hold

All Modules / Non Accpac / Data Conversions /Reports:

  • Excel macros to parse repetitive unstructured data to change into Accpac importable files
  • Month End Macro for virtual filing of reports; includes most used reports in GL, AR, AP, BK and PR (posting journals, GL transactions etc)
  • Macro to report US taxes grouped and totalled by county
  • Accpac bank recurring transactions utility - copy existing bank entries into new ones
  • VBA macros to update optional fields' look-up lists with values from various Sage Accpac tables (customers info, vendors info, remit-to locations etc.)
  • Custom Order / Shipment / Invoice numbering based on location
  • Microsoft ACCESS utility to extract Simply Accounting data and prepare for import/upgrade to Sage Accpac ERP.
  • Data conversion from Quickbooks to Sage Accpac ERP (GL transactions, AR balances, Items , Bank transactions, Payroll Employees info)
  • Modified Sage Accpac ERP Intercompany Transactions Batch listing report to show accounts on destination companies before batch is posted.
  • Macro/report combining data from Accpac with data from a different database (MS.SQL)
  • Macro to export GL, AR and AP batches in bulk; by selecting a range of batches and specific options (e.g. include printed batches etc.) the macro creates individual PDF files for each batch.
  • Utility to prepare outstanding documents from DacEasy software for import into Sage Accpac ERP AR and AP
  • Macro to export GL, AR and AP batches in bulk; by selecting a range of batches and specific options (e.g. include printed batches etc.) the macro creates individual PDF files for each batch. designed
  • Crystal Report to combine Accpac data with Prophet Outlook database
  • Customized Order Entry / Shipment Entry / Purchase Order screens to print multiple copies of documents from different printers/printer trays
  • Various reports and forms as per customer requirements
  • Macro to increase the number of decimals of a "number" optional field in all necessary tables where field is used.



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